Session Themes

Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecotoxicology (click for more details)

Theme: Bioanalytical tools for the evaluation of mixture effects of micropollutants in the environment and biota

Theme: Oxidative stress in Aquatic Toxicology

Theme: Epigenetic mechanisms of environmental pollution and their implication in multi- and transgenerational effect : Ecotoxicological perspective

Theme: Environmental “-omics”, moving forward in science, technology & practice

Theme: The Multiple Stressor Reality: new thinking on ecosystem management for the Anthropocene

Contaminant Occurrence, Behaviour and Effects (click for more details)

Theme: Mercury emissions and environmental cycling in Asia and its effects on ecosystem and human health

Theme: Occurrence, fate, effects and ecological risks of home and personal care products in the aquatic environment

Theme: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in the environment: effects on biota

Theme: Bioaccumulation and Exposure Assessment: Laboratory and field investigations

Theme: Airborne Particulate Matter and Public Health

Theme: Modelling chemical exposure

Theme: Microplastics in the environment – occurrence, fate and effects on ecosystems

Theme: Trophic transfer of nanomaterials in water and soil ecosystems

Environmental Chemistry (click for more details)

Theme: Recent advances in passive sampling and dosing of organic chemicals

Theme: Advances in Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Risk Assessment (click for more details)

Theme: Risk Assessment of Metals in Tropical Ecosystems

Theme: Ecological Risk Assessment

Theme: Global perspectives in toxicological risk assessment of nanoparticles in environment

Theme: Chemicals Used in Asian Aquaculture and their Potential Environmental Risk

Sustainability, Environmental Management and Decision-making
(click for more details)

Theme: Indigenous Knowledge and Values in SETAC and Environmental Science

Theme: Innovative Approaches for Understanding Pollution Impacts in Cities

Theme: Assuring quality and credibility – developing and implementing ways to assess studies, databases, and data

Theme: Improving and harmonizing life cycle impact assessment

Theme: Advancing Sustainability in SETAC: Implementing the Berlin Declaration

Theme: Use of non-testing means for environmental hazard assessment


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